Cours en ligne: dessin 3D pour les développeurs Web.

Cours en ligne: dessin 3D pour les développeurs Web.

Future Learn

Future Learn

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19 févr. 2024
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This web site will provide web developers, who will have existing knowledge of JavaScript, with the theoretical and practical knowledge to start programming 3D graphics applications for the web.

Most graphics races start with the very basics. In this course, we take a top-down approach, starting with very high-level stage-editing tools, before drilling down and creating applications with increasing levels of complexity.

What topics will you cover?
3D Scene creation using web-based tools
Visual appearance using WebGL
Introduction to Three.js
Textures, Controls and Materials
Apply advanced settings to a 3D scene
What will you achieve?
By the end of the race, you'll be able to ...

Describe the basics of the 3D graphics
Explore how WebGL applications can be built with standard web technologies
Develop an intermediate level 3D scene
Apply an intermediate level 3d scene on the web
Evaluate an intermediate level 3D scene
Who is the race for?
This course is designed for existing web developers who have no previous experience in creating 3D graphics applications. You should be able to manipulate the DOM using JavaScript or JQuery, and familiar with the concepts of AJAX. You should have at least intermediate-level programming skills and be comfortable handling arrays and objects.

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