EPSRC DTP Fully Funded PhD Scholarship in the UK at Swansea University

EPSRC DTP Fully Funded PhD Scholarship in the UK at Swansea University

Royaume-Uni 04 mai 2023
Université de Swansea

Université de Swansea

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04 mai 2023
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Swansea University announces a fully-funded EPSRC DTP Ph.D. Scholarship, which seeks to develop simulations in the safety of future urban air transport. Urban Air Mobility (UAM, also known as Advanced Air Mobility) is an emerging concept that seeks to provide a sustainable, affordable, and accessible air transportation system for emergency management, cargo delivery, and passenger transportation within or transits an urban area. Safety is the most challenging aspect of UAM development and corresponding general acceptance, and to date, no standard method for evaluating UAM safety has been developed. This Ph.D. scholarship aims to design new ways to address challenges in UAM safety while taking into account its inherent uncertainties, including urban atmospheric disturbances and the nonlinear effects of manufacturing errors. The research will be developed based on the existing flight dynamics model for rotorcraft (written in C++) using the latest aerodynamic modeling techniques and multi-factor modeling methods to improve simulation feasibility, especially in hazardous situations. The research will also create a methodology for assessing quantitative integrity using an advanced inverse simulation algorithm and uncertainty measurement approach. The project represents an exciting opportunity for applicants to develop innovative technology encompassing aerodynamics, flight dynamics, and autonomous system, and will assist applicants in forging collaboration with academia, industry, and airworthiness regulators to develop new flight safety solutions for next-generation VTOL (Vertical-TakeOff-and-Landing) aircraft.

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