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Scholarship in Belgium undergraduate, masters and training program

Within the framework of the ARES 2022-2027 cooperation program, three types of training are offered through the international training scholarships: Advanced bachelor's and master's degrees are inter-institutional training programmes organised in one academic year and at the end of which an academic degree is awarded. Continuing education programs are more practical and of shorter duration (2 to 6 months). They deliver a certificate. Number of Awards: Eac1 ...

Post-doctoral scholarship in Belgium for international students

Bourse d’étude Post-doctorale en Belgique pour étudiants internationaux Wallonie Bruxelles internationale offre des bourses post-doctorale pour étudiants internationaux desirant de faire leurs recherches dans les domaines prioritaires. La durée de la bourse est de 1 mois à 3 mois. Wallonie-Bruxelles International est une administration publique chargée des relations internationales menées par la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles1 ...

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