Future Learn offers a free online course about how to start a business.

Future Learn offers a free online course about how to start a business.

Future Learn

Future Learn

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Future Learn offers a free online course about how to start a business.

This course is the first in a series of six courses. and it is entitled: "Starting a Business 1: Vision and Opportunity" successful business starts with a clear vision and a thorough understanding of the opportunities available to turn that vision into a reality. Whether they have an idea for a future venture or they already have a side-line business whilst studying, this course will help learners consider their vision and explore the opportunities available. It will give them the time to plan and help them to start documenting their thoughts in a structured business plan while allowing them to share their ideas with others.

Course Topics:

The entrepreneurial learning cycle. The opportunity business model: the importance of sharing your vision. Vision and opportunity in successful businesses. Writing a core value proposition. Introduction to writing a robust business plan.

Course Aims:

By the end of the course, you'll be able to: Assess the entrepreneurial cycle which underpins the course. Explore the scope for discovering or creating business opportunities. Investigate businesses in your local area. Discuss the entrepreneur’s business challenge: Which business should I start and how? Evaluate and assess a business idea. Produce a business plan within 200 words. Investigate the vision and opportunities for a business plan. Who is the course for? Students at schools and colleges. Teachers’ classroom enrichment resource. People that want an introduction in the specific subjects discussed in each course.

About the tutor:

This course will be taught by Nigel Lockett who is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University. 

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