Funded Exchange Program for Artists from Radar Sofia in Bulgaria

Funded Exchange Program for Artists from Radar Sofia in Bulgaria

Bulgaria 19 feb. 2030
Radar Sofia

Radar Sofia

Organización sin ánimo de lucro, Examinar oportunidades similares


Organización sin ánimo de lucro
País anfitrión
Fecha límite
19 feb. 2030
Nivel de estudio
Tipo de oportunidad
Oportunidad de financiación
Financiación parcial
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Todas las regiones

Radar Sofia invites the artists who take note of the world around them, see clearly what is going on, and are able to artistically relate to the troubles and dangers for their societies and the whole planet to join its orientation tour and networking with artists from the local scene. Radar Sofia organizes for the artists a public lecture, a screening, presentation or reading and this will be arranged on an individual basis. It also provides a residency that makes the artists feel and experience life as a small place.


  1. Goethe-Institut Bulgarien will offer their Studio for the guests to held all the workshops.
  2. Radar Sofia has secured the commitment of the British Council in Bulgaria to offer their support in presenting or promoting your work whenever that would be possible.
  3. For the visual artists, Radar Sofia has a network of contacts with galleries, curators and festivals.
  4. In limited cases, Radar Sofia can offer a small stipend to its residents.
  5. You will be accommodated in a separate room in an apartment with other artists, right in the center of Sofia City which will facilitate an easier connection to people and events from the artistic scene of Sofia in case you wish to explore it.


  1. You can dedicate a verse, a page of prose, a copy of a book, a photograph, or something else created by you to the residency space, but this is up to you to decide.
  2. Any new works created, conceived or finished within the framework of the residency will have to mention the name of Radar Sofia when they get published or presented to the public as well as in all media materials about them.
  3. The applicants should pay the application fee of 21 EUR here to show that they are serious about this opportunity. 

Required Documents:

The application should contain the following:

  1.  The CV (in up to 1,000 words.).
  2.  A writing sample of up to 20 pages (in English) for authors; or a list of links with your films/performances for theatre or film directors; or a portfolio of your works of up to 20 slides for visual artists/performers).
  3.  motivation letter (on one page).
  4.  Give two options for when you want to come with approximate dates of arrival and length of stay (one, two, three or four weeks). The first stay you apply for cannot be sooner than one month following the date of your application submission.
  5.    Show that you are serious about this opportunity (pay the application fee of 21 EUR here). 

Optional, but highly valued:

  1. Write about the project you would like to work on when in Sofia (up to 1,000 words)
  2.  Write if you can lead a workshop and what it would require as space, time and resources.
  3.  Send any records of persecution against you, discrimination or censorship directly related to your work as an artist (text of up to 1,000 words);
  4.  Ask somebody knowledgeable in your field to send Radar Sofia a recommendation letter on behalf of you.

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