EVS in Spain: volunteer for  the humanitarian and charity  organisation Cáritas Interparroquial 2024

EVS in Spain: volunteer for the humanitarian and charity organisation Cáritas Interparroquial 2024

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Deadline: not specified
Open to: applicants from the 27 member countries of the EU
Venue: January – August 2018, in Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain


Cáritas Interparroquial de Tortosa is a non-profit, humanitarian and charity organization from the Catholic Church. Cáritas Interparroquial has 7 workers and more than 100 volunteers that work in different programs. Cáritas fights against poverty, exclusions, lack of tolerance and discrimination. Helps people with fewer resources to participate in the issues that concern their own life, but also to be the word at national and international forums. Also, people with the risk of exclusion are helped by giving them shelter for some days, food and resources in case they have problems with the health.

Cáritas has 5 years experience hosting EVS, and also 2 years experience hosting young people in work camps. Cáritas has a wide program of volunteering where the 95% of people are volunteers. European Volunteers will work in the same projects as the other local volunteers and they will join the same trainings as the local volunteers. Cáritas has one person responsible for volunteering and also a supervisor of the projects.

During the year, volunteers tend to the different project to improve the quality of volunteering assistance and also to incorporate different techniques and methods to their daily tasks.


The ideal candidate will be someone with:

  • Patience and a very strong sense of solidarity;
  • Flexible;
  • Good values and not superficial or materialistic;
  • Calm and friendly with good sense of humour;
  • Open minded and not so strict with oneself;
  • Healthy volunteers;
  • Experience in social work (homeless, risk or exclusion, etc.);
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish and interested in learning Catalan.

What you need to consider:

  • Your main work will be relate with people with lots of difficulties so the most important thing is the attitude you have in the whole project;
  • Avoid selecting the project if you are unstable, impatient, strict or childish;
  • If you have special needs that the stress of the project can affect you, or you feel really sensitive to work with certain people do not choose the project;
  • The volunteers will offer support in the different activities and they will also develop their own initiatives in personal projects as well;
  • They can start a project depending on their interests with the help of his/her co-workers aiming at the integration of the people, etc.


  • The volunteer will receive food allowance of 130€ per month;
  • The accommodation is in the city of Tortosa;
  • Facilities are shared with other volunteers participating in the project;
  • Each volunteer has a separate or shared room, depending on the circumstances;
  • The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance or pocket money of 105€ at the end of each month;
  • The working hours are maximum 35 hours per week;
  • The volunteer will receive 2 days off per month;
  • Volunteers will receive a language course in Spanish and Catalan language;
  • Travel expenses from home country to the venue of the project will be reimburse.


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