Volunteering in Rural Area for Creative Ones

Volunteering in Rural Area for Creative Ones

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The Fekete Sereg Youth Association

The Fekete Sereg Youth Association

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Deadline: 14 August 2017
Open to: young people (aged 18-30) from EU member states
Venue: 1 st September 2017 – 31st April 2018, Nagyvázsony, Hungary


Organisation Fekete Sereg” Ifjúsági Egyesület (Facebook) working with kids and youngsters in the rural area of Hungary is looking for one volunteer from any of the Programme Countries to participate in our Long Term EVS project. The time of the service is: 1 st September 2017 – 31st April 2018.

Volunteers’ task is mainly to support our Youth Center in everyday work with kids and youngsters. Organize their free time in an active and creative way. 

Possible tasks for the volunteer include:

  • Visual documentation;
  • Help in the Short Term EVS programs ( 2 times 3-3 week (September and November 8-8 volunteers);
  • Art/music workshops;
  • Language workshops;
  • Working with children in the school of Nagyvázsony with children 6-14 years old;
  • If the volunteer want she/he can working in the kinder garden of Nagyvázsony with children 3-6 years old;
  • You will be also responsible for media management: making videos and taking photos from current events and put them on our Facebook fan page and Youtube channel;
  • He/she can establish and maintain the contacts with the users of Media (other associations), to promote Media activities on a local and international level. Volunteers help us in the local newspaper;
  • She/he can learn how to edit a newspaper with the help of the Publisher program on the computer, and practice using the word processor in general; make interviews with the people in the village.


  • Young people (aged 18/30) from the EU Member States;
  • Motivated;
  • Creative.


  • Accomodation: One flat with 2 rooms. There will be 4 other volunteers in the flat (German, French, Uruguayan, Paraguayan);
  • The volunteers are receiving pocket money and food allowance: 64.000 HUF/month/ approx. 205 EUR;
  • Insurance;
  • Language course;
  • Travel reimbursement: 275 EUR;
  • Since Nagyvázsony is a small village everything is in walking distance, the volunteers live close to the center,
    EVS life in Nagyvázsony.


  • Volunteers will take a part in international projects, study visits and seminars organized by Fekete Sereg, as it is also important to have their engagement and support during those events;
  • Possibility to join the local and regional youth organization, be in close connection with the local youth. There are different sports facilities for keeping fit, gym, table tennis, table football, walking, cycling;
  • The volunteers will have the weekends off and normal holidays during Christmas, Easter and other public Hungarian holiday/days.


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