Akers Family History Travel Grant

Akers Family History Travel Grant

Australia 02 Apr 2023
The university of Queensland Australia

The university of Queensland Australia

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State University
Host Country
02 Apr 2023
Study level
Opportunity type
Opportunity funding
Full funding
Eligible Countries
This opportunity is destined for all countries
Eligible Region
All Regions
Enrolment status: Current UQ student
Student type: Domestic, International
Study level: Undergraduate, Honours
Study level: Arts, humanities and social sciences
Scholarship focus: Experiences and employability
Scholarship value: At least $1,500
Scholarship duration: 1 year
Number awarded: 1
Applications open: 6 March 2023


You're eligible if you:

  • are enrolled in your second year of an undergraduate program with a major, extended major or field of study in History or Ancient History/History;
  • do not hold another travel grant or scholarship; 
  • have not previously held the Grant; and 
  • have identified a travel opportunity of not less than four weeks to commence within the next 12 months which will enhance your studies of History. 

Selection criteria:

We'll consider:

  • the value of the proposed travel to your future success in the discipline; 
  • your academic cabability and future academic potential; 
  • your demonstrated commitment to history, either through extracurricular or academic work; 
  • the contribution the funding is likely to make to the success of the travel opportunity; and
  • any other evidence which may be deemed relevant to your future success in your field of study. 

Where all other considerations are equal, preference will be given to applicants who are undertaking travel opportunities which include fieldwork, research projects and experiences that endeavour to understand Australia’s place and position in the Asia Pacific Region and can demonstrate and provide documentary evidence of financial hardship. 


About this scholarship:

Established in 2022 by David Akers, a UQ Alumnus with a love of history and travel. David undertook a BA (Hons) from 1981 - 1984 with majors in History, English and Economics. His love of history stems, in part, from the impact the death of his uncle, Clark Davis Irwin in WWII, made on the family.

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