PhD in organic chemistry

PhD in organic chemistry

France 05 Dec 2022
Sorbonne Universit

Sorbonne Universit

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05 Dec 2022
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PhD project title : Organic Charge Transfer Complexes for π-Acid Catalysis

PhD project summary: 

Synthetic chemists have always been inspired by biological machineries and many of the non-covalent weak interactions that govern these processes have been exploited to achieve breakthroughs in modern catalysis. Recently, π-acid molecules were used to design a catalytic approach with an unusual selectivity, opening new perspectives and offering the prospect of entirely new reactivity patterns yet to be established. Our aim is to develop new organic π-acceptors leading to charge transfer complex formation and competent for new catalytic transformations. Such should be advantageously exploited to activate reaction partners and/or to stabilize electron rich, anionic and radical intermediates or transition states.

Research team:

The Organometallic Reactivity and Catalysis for Synthesis (ROCS) team of the Paris Institute of Molecular Chemistry (IPCM) gathers researchers of many nationalities. It is currently composed of 8 permanent members, 8 PhD students and one ATER. The ROCS team has an internationally recognized expertise in organometallic catalysis of the main group and transition metals as well as a know-how in asymmetric synthesis.


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