Build trust in order to jump to the top ranking

Build trust in order to jump to the top ranking

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مدونة منح

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Building trust is one of the main tasks that university staff should focus on, Having a good reputation among academics and scholars around the Globe is not an easy task.

It requires a lot of steps to be undertaken.

For example university should organise an annual meeting gathering scholars and academics to discuss about different subjects and trendy research topics. This will show up that the university is able to provide job market with students aware about main important and challenging questions in theoretical and practical fields.

Mainly this will not be enough, in fact such event should co-organised with National organisation such Ministry of Higher Education, some famous research centers, firms that could benefit from your students and hire them in the near future.

Moreover, the university should focus on the quality of its guests, their contribution

Allocating a budget for inviting a guest professor with a trending research or a scientific paper in the field related to the conference or holding a Nobel price is also an advantage.

Having an indexed  scientific journal with the name of  the university is also important and increase  your presence among academics, think about Harvard business review and the importance of scientific paper that is delivering. Professional journal is also important, try to make incentives for your professors to write articles and some short reflections about economy and politics and ask them to cite university at the end of each article.

Ask your academics to follow trendy research topics, to react to different challenging question in economics and politics, and to Tv interviews to dismiss their researches for more visibility. Otherwise research results will not be applied in real context.

Keep in Mind that building trust is  hard task and requires a lot of focus and dedication.

Create a small group of people from university from different backgrounds to work on this task.

Otherwise you hire student for internship with the main task to set a strategy of university to improve its reputation or build one if it doesn't exist yet.

If you have a law university having guests likes ministers or a famous lawyer as speaker or organizing a conferences about latest laws may increase your presence at a national and international levels.

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