Russian Government Scholarship (Open Doors Project)

Russian Government Scholarship (Open Doors Project)

روسيا 10 ديسمبر 2023
Russian Government Scholarship Open Doors project.

Russian Government Scholarship Open Doors project.

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"Global Universities" Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation offers the Scholarship to pursue a Master's or PhD degree in Russia, which is granted as an award in the Open Doors Olympiad competition to study at one of the leading Russian universities. 

The project aims to increase the positions of the participants on the global research and education market. 


Scholarship Description:


Registration Opens on September 15th, 2023

Application Deadline: December 10th, 2023


Olympiad tracks: The competition is available in the Master's and Doctoral (PhD) tracks. The participation is possible in one or both tracks. 


Scientific Subjects of participation in the Olympiad (one or several subjects can be chosen):


•                     Applied Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence 

•                     Biology & Biotechnology 

•                     Business & Management

•                     Chemistry & Material Science

•                     Clinical Medicine & Public Health

•                     Computer & Data Science 

•                     Earth & Environmental Sciences for Sustainability

•                     Economics & Econometrics 

•                     Education & Psychology 

•                     Engineering & Technology

•                     Linguistics & Modern Languages

•                Physical Sciences & Technology

•                     Politics & International Studies

•                     Urbanism & Civil Engineering



Scholarship Award: Winners and prize-winners of the Master's track can be granted a scholarship to study at any Russian university; Winners of the PhD track are awarded with the scholarship in one of the universities-organizers of the Olympiad.


Number of Scholarships: 900+


Eligibility for Open Doors Scholarship competition:

Eligible Countries: Participation is open for any nationality, except for Russian citizens.

Entrance Requirements: Participation is open to all holders of Bachelor's degrees

Language Requirements: Participants can take part in the competition in either Russian or English language.


Olympiad stages (all the stages are available online):

1st stage "Registration": Motivation letter, portfolio, entrance test (3 trials)

2nd stage "Competition": Exam in the chosen scientific subject with proctoring (video-recording of the exam)

3rd stage "Interviews" (only for Doctoral track): Interviews with the University representatives.

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