Explore Best Student Accommodation in London

Explore Best Student Accommodation in London

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As an international student in London, you will live surrounded by history, elegance and innovation at the same time. London is full of everything you could want from the infamous Big Ben to famous shopping destinations like Oxford Circus and fancy cafes in Knightsbridge. The infamous subway is always there to help you travel all over the capital within a few minutes. If you are a university student in London, living on-campus is not ideally the best choice to enjoy your experience abroad. It is better to search for off-campus student accommodation to enjoy London, and Casita can help you with that. 

Most student accommodation in London have unique amenities like a games area where you get to befriend other residents, a lounge area for events, a unique events calendar and some even have rooms with views that you would surely love. Whether you wish to relax in a quiet area in the capital or simply wish to live in a lively area, Casita has London student accommodation that could fit your needs. No matter which university you have decided on, we're here to help you find the best student housing in London. Choose from more than 36472 student rooms to rent. 

Here is a list of some of the best student halls in London, which are worth considering if you are moving to London soon. 


Poland House

Located in Newham Borough in the East End of London, this London student home comes with enviable views of the Canary Wharf and London skyline. The University of East London is only a 17-minute walk away while the Queen Mary University of London is a 19-minute bus ride away. You can easily travel all over London via Stratford station nearby, and the area itself is full of multiple attractions that are worth checking out. Check out London Aquatics Centre to swim and dive with friends; this centre was the chosen venue for that 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics. If you love shopping, check out Bond Street, a 15-minute ride away from this student residence in London. 

Key amenities in this building include a strong Wi-Fi connection, laundry facilities, bike storage, car parking, and CCTV to keep you safe. You don't have to worry about extra utility bills because all bills are included in the rent. This is one of the most affordable student accommodation in London as prices start from £210 per week for 40 weeks. 


The Stay Club Willesden

A unique student accommodation in London, it is located in the heart of West London, Zone 3, Brent borough, a 5-minute walk away from Harlesden tube station. Regent College London is only 26 minutes subway ride away while the University of Westminister is 33 minutes away. This student hall gives you a chance to visit multiple city attractions as it is a short walk away from the infamous Harlesden Library. Roundwood Park, a Victorian park with rare flowers and birds, is only a 17-minute walk away from this building. Moreover, Wimbley stadium, where you can watch your favourite football matches, is a 30-minute subway ride away.

Popular features that you are bound to enjoy in this student accommodation in London include a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, bike storage, maintenance service, housekeeping, laundry facilities, and CCTV to keep you safe. Enjoy a fun break with friends in the games area and sign up for one of the many events in the property if you wish to socialize with your neighbours. Also, the building has a cafe where you can grab an early snack with coffee to stay awake and focus on your studies. Extra amenities available include a lounge, on-site management staff, and catering. Prices for this student hall start from £215 per week. 


 iQ Bankside

A student residence located in Zone 1, Southwark borough, London, it is just a 13-minute walk to London South Bank University and a 10-minute walk to King's College London Waterloo Campus. Both Waterloo East and Borough tube stations are located within a walk distance from this student accommodation in London. Due to its location in Central London, this building has access to multiple attractions that tourists travel to London specifically to visit. Thames River and London bridge are merely 3 minutes away while other attractions like Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe, the British Film Institute are a short ride away.

Unique features in this student home include accessible rooms for the differently-abled and an outdoor courtyard where you can enjoy a small BBQ party with friends. Don't forget to ask for permission first! Furthermore, the building has free high-speed Wi-Fi connection, all-inclusive bills, contents insurance, CCTV and on-site management staff. There is a private dining area you can book with friends and study zones are available to help you concentrate. Bankside modern studio prices start from £372 per week with a private bathroom and an open-plan kitchenette for your convenience.


Finally, this list only specifies some of the available choices on Casita's website, check out this link, for further choices. You will find more than 141 student hall to choose from.


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