Free online course: Leadership Skills

Free online course: Leadership Skills



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19 Feb 2021
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The Realization Platform offers a free online course on leadership skills. This course deals with the topic of leadership from various aspects related to the leader's personality, psychological characteristics and behaviors, through the role of workers and how to motivate and involve them and their positive impact on them, leading to group leadership (while highlighting some problems in the decision-making process within work teams) and leading the process of change in institutions. The course also deals with a presentation of some modern leadership concepts such as transformational leadership and authentic leadership, while highlighting the leader's role in changing the institutional culture towards better performance.

Course topics:

  • Management and leadership.
  • The personality traits of a leader, and emotional intelligence.
  • Introduction to motivation and strengths.
  • The pyramid of human needs.
  •  Stimulation by designing catalytic functions.
  •  Specialization in work.
  • The leader's role in conflict resolution.
  •  Leadership Communication.
  • Lead the change.
  • Social culture and change.
  • Transformational leadership and honest leadership.

Course Instructor:
This course will be taught by Dr. Yusef Sidani, Professor of Leadership and Business Ethics at Sulaiman Al-Olayan College of Business Administration at the American University of Beirut. He holds a PhD in Management (Organizational Behavior and Leadership) from the University of Mississippi, and an MBA from Indiana University. He works as a consultant and management coach in the areas of self-development, leadership and organizational behavior. Dr. Sidani's research focuses on work ethics and job behavior in the Arab environment. He has dozens of refereed scientific articles in addition to many posts in conferences and books in Arabic and English ..


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