Training course in entrepreneurship, realization

Training course in entrepreneurship, realization



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19 Feb 2020
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EDRAAC announces a free online course on entrepreneurship. Throughout this course, learners will study the vital process behind creating and building an entrepreneurial startup, and they will be able to track its life cycle from just an idea to a company. Throughout this course, several case studies of Arab entrepreneurs will be reviewed and their journeys to start and grow their companies discussed. Learners will also be provided with the resources that will help them to start their own business. After completing the course, you will have a detailed and clear picture of the concept of entrepreneurship and many ideas that will inspire you to work on your own project in earnest or help you apply the spirit of entrepreneurship in your current job.

Course topics:
[1] Identifying entrepreneurship closely by reviewing the stories of the most famous Arab entrepreneurs, the true reasons behind these names, and how to build entrepreneurial projects such as their successful projects.

[2] Study the life cycle of the startup.

[3] The way to project and evaluate project ideas, their ability to invest and develop them, and the method of designing a business model and good planning after that.

[4] How to develop a project idea into a business model.

[5] Knowing the target customer and understanding his needs.

[6] Knowing the process of "market research" through the main questions addressed to the customer and knowing the sources of information and how to use them.

[7] Study the channels of distribution and strategies to reach the right customer.

[8] Knowing how to search for ways to finance startups and knowing the reasons behind companies needing financing, its types and sources.

[9] Knowing how to prepare future income statements by forecasting income and expenses and preparing estimated income statements.

[10] Knowing the role of technology in project development and using it to understand internal communication processes.

[11] Study how to market the project by knowing the main types of marketing such as promotion, offers, public relations, and creative marketing.

[12] Study the concept of failure or lack of success and identify the reasons that motivate startups to reach such results and the correct time to stop completely.

[13] Studying failure management through financial and legal risk management, reputation management, and others.

[14] Learn about the reasons for expanding the project and how to do it.

[15] Learn about growth strategies that include market penetration, accurate customer segment recognition, familiarity with neighboring products, and regional and international expansion.

Course team:
This course will be given by Ayman Ismail, who is Abdul Latif Jameel Chair Professor of Entrepreneurship and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration at the American University in Cairo, and the founding director of its business incubator, which was ranked among the top five promising university business incubators in Africa. Nada Bashir holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. In addition to Maha Shawky, who for 4 years at the Center for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo as a responsible educational multimedia and holds a master’s degree in business administration from the same university.

About Idrak:
Idrak is an electronic Arabic platform for collective open source courses (MOOCs), as it was established on the initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, which is keen to make all efforts to contribute to the situation of the Arab world in the field of education, as they are the cornerstone for the development and prosperity of peoples. Edrak aims to provide high-quality educational courses based on the development of its contents to elites from experts and academics in the Arab world and the world, in addition to providing some international courses translated into the Arabic language, in line with Queen Rania's belief in the importance of education and its impact in improving the quality of life of societies, countries and individuals on All levels.


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To participate in this free and premium course, register on the website from here to start the course.

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