Free online course in first aid

Free online course in first aid



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19 Feb 2020
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IDRAK offers a free online course on “Basic First Aid Skills”, as it is one of the most important skills that everyone should know regardless of their educational, cultural or even age group. On a daily basis, people are exposed to many emergency cases and injuries that need urgent and urgent action until the medical staff arrives or the wounded are taken to hospital. The role and importance of learning first aid and how to deal with emergencies and their skills properly comes with two main objectives are to preserve the lives of the injured and prevent complications.

There are no pre-requisites, but applicants should be interested in learning more about first aid and its skills.

What you will learn:
[1] Understand emergencies and accidents of various types and the possibility of intervention to help or not

[2] Acting in emergencies and accidents of various kinds, such as cardiac arrest, breathing, asphyxia, disturbance or change in the degree of consciousness, in addition to dealing with fractures, burns, wounds, bleeding and disposition in case of snakes, insects, animal bites or other injuries

[3] Emergency preparedness

[4] Failure to intervene in an emergency if there is not enough information on the situation

About the realization:
Idrak is an Arab open source platform for group courses (MOOCs), founded on the initiative of Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, which is keen to make every effort to contribute to the status of the Arab world in the field of education as the cornerstone of the development and prosperity of peoples. Edrak aims to provide high quality educational courses based on the development of the content of elite experts and academics of the Arab world and the world, in addition to providing some international courses translated into Arabic, in line with the belief of Queen Rania Al Abdullah the importance of education and its impact on improving the quality of life of communities, states and individuals All levels.


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How To Apply:
Register on the site and start the course.

Contact Details:
For more information, please visit

If you have any questions, contact the team here


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