فتح باب الترشح لمسابقة الفن المعاصرلشهر الحالي للفنانين والرسامين بكافة الاختصاصات

فتح باب الترشح لمسابقة الفن المعاصرلشهر الحالي للفنانين والرسامين بكافة الاختصاصات

Italy 31 Jan 2021
Art House Online Gallery

Art House Online Gallery

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31 Jan 2021
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Art House Gallery announces its first online art competition third edition. This is an international competition in which artists from around the world are invited to submit their works. This open theme competition. All visual art supports are acceptable (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, prints ...) with the exception of sound and video arts.


All winning artists will receive a digital reward certificate. The first, second and third places will be widely displayed with an article about the artist and his work. Depending on the number and quality of all submissions received, merit awards and honorable mention awards may also be presented.


Please visit the website to submit your images: Art house online gallery art Contest



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