Postdoc: Quantum Acoustics

Postdoc: Quantum Acoustics

Netherlands 28 Jul 2022


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28 Jul 2022
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The Photonic Forces group seeks a talented postdoctoral researcher in the field of nano-optomechanics. We study new ways to control nanomechanical vibrations at the quantum level, by making them strongly interact with light through radiation pressure forces in engineered on-chip nanophotonic systems. In this project, we will explore the use of such systems as sources, waveguides, and detectors for phonons. These form the basic components for ‘quantum acoustics’, which aims to gain a similar control over quantum sound waves as the field of quantum optics offer for photons. Such control offers fascinating possibilities to study the quantum decoherence of ‘macroscopic’ mechanical vibrations, and develop mechanisms that could be useful in quantum technology: for storage, transduction, and manipulation of information encoded in photons and phonons. The project combines advanced optical measurement techniques and nanofabrication with a solid connection to the rich background theory of the topic. You will work in close connection to other group members, have the opportunity to guide MSc and PhD students, and be involved in all aspects of design, realization, and optical experiments.

About the group

The Photonic Forces team at AMOLF studies light-matter interactions at the nanoscale, in particular the coupling between photons and phonon in nano-optomechanical systems. We seek to understand how the behavior of light and sound in nanoscale devices is governed by fundamental principles such as spatiotemporal symmetries and quantum mechanics. We explore how suitable system design and control over light-matter interactions can engage the conventional limits to nanophotonic and nanomechanical functionality, in application domains from sensing and metrology to communication. All projects in the group involve the use and development of advanced optical measurement techniques and nanofabrication, with extensive support from the group leader and AMOLF technical staff. Within the group and the Center for Nanophotonics, we have a strong focus on stimulating development of young researchers in all professional aspects, as well as collaborations with other researchers at AMOLF and in national and international contexts. For more information, see www.optomechanics.nl.


You need to meet the requirements for a doctors-degree and must have research experience in a non-Dutch academic environment. We seek an excellent candidate with a background in physics, with relevant experience (preferably in quantum optics, quantum technology, nanomechanics, nanophotonics, or AMO physics).

Terms of employment

The position is intended as full-time (40 hours / week, 12 months / year) appointment in the service of the Netherlands Foundation of Scientific Research Institutes (NWO-I) for the duration of 2 years, with a salary in scale 10 (CAO-OI) and a range of employment benefits. AMOLF assists any new foreign Postdoc with housing and visa applications and compensates their transport costs and furnishing expenses.

Contact info

Prof.dr. Ewold Verhagen
Group leader Photonic Forces
E-mail: verhagen@amolf.nl
Phone: +31 (0)20-754 7100

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